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Frequently Asked Questions

My lights have built-in sound-reactivity. How is this different?
The reactivity that lighting fixtures have is limited to beat detection through an on-board microphone. The direct input of audio to the BLACKBIRD allows the full spectrum of the music to be used. As a result, the lights reflect the energy and mood of the music directly; not with random colors, patterns or chases that have no relation to the music.
What are the differences between the DMX BLACKBIRD and the DMX BLACKBIRD PFX edition?
The DMX BLACKBIRD is specifically designed for use with American DJ's REVO-III and REVO-4 lights. It also has support for 3 channel and 4 channel DMX Pars & Bars: RGB & RGBA/W. The Par functionality of the DMX BLACKBIRD is limited to only one performance style (The ALL-IN-ONE style) and no control knobs. The DMX BLACKBIRD PFX edition does not support the REVO lights; it is specifically designed for Pars & Bars. From RGB's to RGBAW+uv, the PFX supports nearly every Par light on the market. The PFX edition provides control knobs for assigning color to lights while not in sound reactive mode and operates 4 distinct performance styles.
Can I hook up more than one lighting unit to the DMX BLACKBIRDS?
YES! Daisy-chain multiple supported lights by their DMX ports using 3-pin XLR cables, or a virtually unlimited number through a wireless DMX system. if using cables, be sure to reference the users manual for your lights to see how many can be daisy-chained together and for termination details.
Can I use lights other than the REVO-III or REVO4?
In addition to the REVO-III and REVO-4, the original DMX BLACKBIRD works with many 3 and 4 channel RGB and RGBW/A lights. They must be 3 channel RGB or 4 channel RGBA/W lights. The PFX edition is specifically designed for use with pars that are RGB, RGBA, RGBW, 5-in-1 and Hex.
With the PFX edition, how do I keep some lights in the venue assigned a color while those on the dance floor react to music?
In this situation, set the start addresses of the lights you want to keep lit with your knob settings to the "Non-Reactive" style (See Users Manual). When the PFX edition is switched to "Sound Reactive", those lights are not affected; they only show the color assigned by the knob positions.
Can I see the users Manuals?
What are the start addresses I need to make my lights work?
The appropriate start address for your lights depends on the lights you have. Use your light's user manual and the manual for the Blackbird unit you have to determine the best start address for your light.
Can I use wireless DMX with the Blackbirds?
Absolutely. Consult your wireless DMX manual; it's like connecting to any other DMX controller. See Day 'N Nyte DJ's video showing a DMX BLACKBIRD PFX edition using wireless.
Do Moving Heads or Lasers work with the Blackbirds?
No, we haven't found any that are compatible with our DMX implementation. The DMX BLACKBIRD is specifically designed for the REVO-III & REVO-4, and the PFX edition is for PAR lights.
Will my 7 channel RGB Pars work with the PFX?

It depends on the DMX implementation of the PAR. We are aware of some 7 channel pars that will work; they must conform to the following criteria:

Channel 1: Mode selector where value 0 = no function
Channel 2: Color selector
Channel 3: Speed Adjust
Channel 4: Global Dimmer
Channel 5, 6 & 7: R, G, & B

Pars that conform to the above DMX implementation will work with the following Start Addresses:

All-in-One Style:
Start Address 18

Static Banks Style:
Red: 120
Blue: 128
Green: 136
Amber: 144

Dynamic Banks Style:
#1: 288
#2: 296
#3: 304
#4: 312

Non Reactive: 396

If you are in doubt, contact us and we'll be happy to help you.

*Chauvet, American DJ, REVO III, and REVO4 are trademarks of their respective owners. AEON RAVEN is not affiliated with American DJ, Chauvet, or their affiliate companies.