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AEON RAVEN Redefines Reactive Lighting

We set out to create the best Audio driven DMX controller available on the market because there's nothing better than seeing a light show choreographed to the music. There's also nothing more tedious and time consuming than pre-programming a light show to every track you're going to play so our solution was to provide the pre-programmed feel of a professional light show with the ease and speed of a plug-in. Our DMX BLACKBIRD technology does exactly that.

Many lighting fixtures have a "sound reactive" mode. These lights use a small microphone on the chassis of the light to listen for distinct beats in order to switch between pre-programmed patterns or chases. In practice, lights are rarely placed in ideal locations relative to the speakers and the microphones end up hearing sound that has been bounced off the walls and ceiling. This reverberation muddies the signal and reduces the lights ability to react. Also, the chases and patterns are essentially random since they bear no relationship to the music being played. Even when the music stops, the lights keep going; somehow, that doesn't seem very "music reactive".

Our technology fixes all of that.

The DMX BLACKBIRD units take the audio signal from any device and outputs a real-time DMX stream that choreographs supported lighting products. The DMX command stream is directly controlled by the audio content. True music reactivity with no lag, pre-programming, computer interface or complex set-up. Just plug it in, configure your lights and it's ready to go, instantly providing a visually stunning and connected audio-visual experience.

Once you and your audience experience the cohesive energy between lighting and music when the two are linked this way, you'll wonder how you went so long without it. Whether it's a school dance, a wedding reception, or sweet-16 party, take it to the ultimate level of sensory immersion with true real-time music reactivity.

Our products are made in the USA and our team is proud to provide excellent quality backed by decades of software and hardware engineering and stage lighting experience. We're located in Southern California's 101 Tech Corridor in the heart of Ventura County. Our commitment is to an excellent product and excellent customer service.

Contact us for custom installation, programming or design. We're happy to answer your DMX Questions!