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Create a lighting experience
as exciting as the music you play

"It's giving the music personality, truly making you look good!" - Ryan Burger, MobileBeat Magazine
"The look and feel of the music were outstanding! I'm very happy!" - Marty, MA
"I love the blackbird! It is a very nice change of pace against what I'm used to." - Stephen, Detroit

John Young reviews the PFX edition on
DJNTV's Tuesday Night DJ Chat Preview Show - YouTube
DMX Blackbird: PFX edition

DMX BLACKBIRD Audio to DMX converters take your lighting far beyond the typical beat-detection and random chases & patterns you're used to. Our unmatched reactivity takes your light show to the next level and gives your audience an experience that's truly connected to the music.

Audio to DMX conversion

Experience Live, Real-Time lighting choreography with no pre-programming or computer interface.

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